When will we begin building the sanctuary?

In principle, we have already started but the truth is before the first brick is laid there are many things that need to be put in place.  What needs to be in place are approvals from the county, concrete architectural plans, and engineering studies, all of that is very expensive.  So for one or two years you may not see anything happening on the field but a lot of money is being spent to pave the way for the building. 

The permitting process alone can last a year and a half.  The sooner we start the better but our ability to start depends upon funds.  Right now we have no funds available that we can begin to apply to this project so it will depend upon how much we get and how quickly we get it.  If we were to start it January 2017, the goal is to have this building completed by January 2020, but the monies would have to come in without interruption.

Why don't we build a facility to hold more people? What if we run out of space?

Again it’s a matter of money, if what we are currently building is going to cost us $7.5M-$10M then to build more would mean we need to raise more and the question is do we have that ability right now? In the natural we do not, unless God moves and somebody give a lot of money, we have to look at our giving levels, the people we have, what we can believe that if we as a group works together we can make something happen. 

Part of the reason the sanctuary is the size it is because you have to have funds, which is why we chose an amount that is challenging but that we believe is doable.  The facility will hold 1300 people possibly for one service, we are building it in such a way that we can easily add to it.  As our congregation continues to grow and we feel we need to double the capacity then we can easily do that.  We can keep adding services if need be until our rate of growth justifies a new addition.

Will the members have input in the design and building of the sanctuary?


Even before we presented what you saw, we met with some members, showed them some preliminary drawings and some other plans, and got some feedback from them.  There was no plan for basement prior to this meeting with the select group of members but they let us know that it was necessary so that was placed in the preliminary plans. 

What you saw on vision Sunday is a concept, a very preliminary concept.  We wanted you to see a concept but we have not yet contracted the architects to begin working on the real drawings, so once we get to that phase, the different ministries will be able to tell us what they need/want in their assigned spaces and their challenges will be taken into account before we do the final design.  If you are any further questions or you did not see something in the initial drawings that you would like to see, or have some concerns, or you feel we should consider adding, please feel free to contact the Capital Campaign team with those ideas.

If the sanctuary costs 10 million, why are we only raising 7.5 million?

We are not limiting ourselves to 7.5 that is the minimum we want to raise. If we raise $7.5M and the building costs $10M then we can go to the bank for the additional $2.5M easily though we would rather not do that. Our goal will be to keep the cost of the building as close to $7.5M as we possibly can but because of unknown variables, those who presented that initial concept to us told that we should expect a range of $7.5-$10M in cost.

Is the design we saw the final one, or will it change?

No, it is a concept though we like what it looks like on the outside, we will get feedback on what the various areas in the inside should look like.

Will we have to cut down the trees on the property for construction?

No, we will not cut down the trees and the building will go to the right hand side of the gym.

The soccer field will be relocated to another past of the property.

What will happen to the soccer field in the middle?

Why do we need to build this sanctuary?

The need is obvious, we currently do not have a sanctuary, and what we have is not adequate in so many ways.  The need is there for us to build.  We are growing and we need the space to accommodate the growth.

How does this Sanctuary enable us to fulfill our mission and vision better?

How do we grow if we do not have space? We need more space if we are to continue to grow, we need more space for our children’s and youth ministries, the growth of the church requires it, and it is evident.

What is the estimated timeline for this project?

The goal is to move in by 2020 but it depends on the availability of the funds, how quickly we give and how much we give plays a factor in this project happening as quickly as possible.

Why should I make a pledge?

Let us use an illustration to answer this.  If an individual contracted a friend to build a house, and the friend never tells the contractor how much money he will give to build that house, and when he will give the money for the house to be built, how will the contractor know how much house to build? The question is how much money will the friend give to build the house and how soon can he expect the money to come in so he can build the house.  In essence, the church is asking Bishop Johnson to build a sanctuary for you and your children, how is Bishop supposed to proceed to lead the building effort of the sanctuary without knowing how much and when the money will come in that will help him in his plans? That information is needed in order to plan.  When you pledge you are telling Bishop Johnson here is how much we are giving you to build and armed with that information Bishop is able to go forward and lead the building effort as fast as possible for you, your family, and your children.  This building is not about Bishop Johnson, this building is about you, your family, and the future. 

How do I make a pledge?

Please contact the Capital Campaign Manager, Deacon Edwige Desbhy at 301-588-8099 or at edesbhy@bwomi.org to make your pledge or pick up a pledge card from any usher on Sunday. Click here to make a pledge online.

How much should I give?

Each individual can make that decision based on the value that you place and the building, the spiritual value you attach to your legacy, the value you attach to doing what we believe God has asked us to do and of course your resources.  We have only asked that every one of us who would participate, who have ownership of this work, would give sacrificially.  The suggestion is that all would consider giving at least 25% of our yearly income payable in three to four years. This is simply a suggestion; you decide what you are going to give but it will require a sacrifice that we (Bishop & Pastor Chrys) are willing to and are leading by example. The suggested pledge amount is 25% of your gross annual income.   However, the amount you choose to give is completely your choice.  This is a “free will offering” – not a mandate.  Please pray about what God would have you to give.

Whom do I contact about my pledges?

Please contact the Capital Campaign Manager Deacon Edwige at 301-588-8099 or at edesbhy@bwomi.org.

Will I be able to pledge after October?

Absolutely! Please call the capital campaign office if you need to pledge after October

Can I adjust my pledge later if I need to – either to increase or decrease it?

Yes, you can. In the event you need to make adjustments, please call the church to lessen or increase your initial pledge amounts.


Why so soon?

If we don’t start now then when? The sooner we start the sooner we can begin building.

What should one do if one cannot afford to pledge because of family, bills and the like?

What do you prioritize? Are there some things that you could cut to give to the Work of the Lord? There are many ways to cut back in spending and how to manage your money better.  There will be classes to assist you in making those determinations for yourself.